by Shelley Thomas

Released 2016
Released 2016
The anticipated solo release from this culturally versatile artist is harmonically faceted by her intimate rendering of traditional Bulgarian songs, multi-layered with one voice in this intricate, emotionally evocative a cappella album.
Throughout the album, we travel on a journey from very old, traditional solo and diaphonic songs, to three, four, and five part choral arrangements from Bulgaria. Lush harmonies and intricate chordal movements intrigue while complex rhythms enliven. Hear stories of young brides, basil plants, horses and moonlight, picking flowers, spinning parties, and of course, joyful gatherings of girls and boys.

"One of the most eclectic of New York's elite singers"
-New York Music Daily

"Shelley's performance was sublime...unique and impressive...her voice is fresh, melodic, and evocative. Her passion for her work is demonstrated in the intense commitment she gives. Everyone...was enthralled"
-Beledi Beat