"Devil Wood" by MJ Dorian (feat. Shelley Thomas) - Official Music Video - Released 2018


Black Sea Hotel - "Zhenish Me Mamo"  - Official Music Video (Directed by Josephine Decker)

Released 2017


"Dawwal Hawa Anadilou" - The New York Arabic Orchestra feat. Shelley Thomas

Winter 2017 Concert, Church of St. Paul & St. Anthony, NYC


 Interview with "BelAhdan" Producer Ahmed Tharwat - Jawaahir Dance Company's Sing To Me A Little - Minneapolis, MN - October 2015





Shelley Thomas + Brooklyn Takht - Muwashah "Mounyati Aaz Astibari" 



 Black Sea Hotel, "Pusta Mladost" - Night Storm, Chimayo, NM


Black Sea Hotel - "Agelino Mome" Live at Joe's Pub


 Bulgarian Voices Trio Compilation Live at Spring Street Gallery


'Zapevala' - 'запевала' - Shelley Thomas + Brazda



'Tri Bjulbjula Poev' - 'три бюлбюла поев' by Shelley Thomas + Brazda



Bulgarian Voices Trio - "Trugnala e Malka Moma"


Tableau Vivant of the Delirium Constructions featuring Shelley Thomas with Bulgarian Trio